About Us

As a young man, Marty accompanied his dad who worked in property management and maintenance.  From a tagalong adolescent, he became his father’s right hand.  Enthralled with the whole idea of construction, electric and lighting, he surprised his father with his input, often contributing to construction plans.  Eventually, after a few years  Marty  saved up his own capital to launch his own lighting company.

In 2013, he established “We Do Bulbs”, which steadily blossomed withthe excellent customer service he provided and gained popularity for his business.

“I have what it takes to light up people’s lives.” He quips.

Marty  explains that a satisfied customer makes it all worth it. He excels at researching products and coming up with quality merchandise, which he sells to clients.  He understands how important the right lighting is for hospitality, construction sites, commercial industries and for residential buildings.  More than the lighting, it’s the type of lighting, the energy savings considerations and the shade that sets the tone in the environment.  Marty  wants every customer to get what is right for him.

“I enjoy having a relationship with my clients. To me, it’s personal.  Customers should feel like I care—because I really do!”

“We Do Bulbs” is proud to offer fast delivery, friendly service and excellent prices.